Summer Landscaping Tips

July 5, 2019  By Rich Caldwell, Vice President, ECOSystems Landscape Services

Everything is green. Although we are still getting rain, we must be prepared for the hot temperatures of the Texas summer. Make sure irrigation systems are efficient to prevent water waste. You should:

  • Check the controller for correct time and day settings based on your water utility restrictions.
  • Make sure it has a battery backup in case of loss of power.
  • Turn on and visually check every head and nozzle, unclog and adjust them for proper coverage.
  • Apply 1 to 1 ½ inches of water per week utilizing the run, soak, run method.

Turf & Trees Tips

Increase the mowing height of your lawn mower. Cutting too low will stress your turf and make it susceptible to drought, insects and disease. Increasing your mowing height will reduce water need and develop deeper roots. Keep your blades sharp on your mower.  Try to water turf as close to sunrise as possible. Wet grass overnight encourages turf diseases. Watering in the heat of the day can result is as much as a 75% evaporation water loss.

If your trees need water, make sure to water the drip line of the trees. Running a slow drip hose works wonders as it will allow for better penetration.

Make sure to keep your plants mulched to help make better use of the water.