Architectural Review Process

Architectural Control Committee & Application

The Architectural Control Committee is responsible for maintaining the high aesthetic and architectural standards of our community . The committee applies and interprets the Architectural Regulations as outlined in the Park Ridge Owners Association Declarations of Covenants, Conditions and Conditions (please see “HOA Documents” tab). The AC Committee does not police or enforce the guidelines. Enforcement is the responsibility of the board and the community management company. If you are aware of a violation of our rules, please contact the board and/or the community manager. Contact information can be found on this site.

To submit an Architectural Committee Review Form to the ACC, download, complete and attach it to an email and send it to [email protected]

Committee Members:

JR Gonzales
Paul Perez
David Dupont

Guidelines for application/approval process

All requests must be on the Architectural Committee Review Form, and must contain the following information:

A. Plat plan (including position of home and the requested construction on the lot).

B. Sketches, diagrams or pictures of additions/changes.

C. A written, detailed description of the improvement that is being requested.

D. Description of materials to be used including style, color, etc.

E. Proposed construction timetable (with proposed completion date).

F. Copies of applications for appropriate City permits and when approved by the City, the actual permit.

For complete information, download the AC Committee Guidelines.

Additional information:

The board has approved certain colors as “pre-approved”, meaning you will not have to apply for Architectural Committee consent if you choose a paint color on the approved list below. Please know that you are not limited to any certain paint brand and the colors/names below are by way of example only and may differ on computer monitors. If you are not sure whether the color you choose is pre-approved, submit a review form to the committee for a final determination.

Approved Paint Selections

approved paint selections

If you are replacing your siding and as long as the siding being replaced is of similar or superior quality to the current siding and is of the same color or of a color pre-approved by the Committee, no prior approval of the Architectural Committee is required.

2014-10-22 Board Consent re Siding