Your Help Is Needed:

People are always needed to become members on the committees of the association. Without people getting involved, nothing happens. It is a group of VOLUNTEERS that puts the newsletter together and sends it out, puts the yard sale and craft fair together, and the list goes on and on. Has anyone ever seen a dime for their efforts? Nope…never will either. They have done and continue to do it because they care about the lifestyle that you all came here for.

To maintain what was started when Park Ridge began, people are needed to become actively involved in the community. It doesn’t take much, maybe a couple of hours a month. You might be surprised at the difference just a little time could make to the entire community. The entire community cannot continue to rely on the few individuals that are members of committees to go on forever. We need the help of the entire community to continue to make Park Ridge a good place to live.

Join Us:

Contact the Homeowners Association Board if you are interested in serving on a committee or on the Homeowners Association Board.

Architectural Committee

Publicity Committee

Recreational Committee

Security / Maintenance Committee