Park Ridge Board of Directors Meeting – August 8, 2017

Park Ridge Owners Association Members:

 Please accept this as notice that the Park Ridge Owners Association Board of Directors will meet on August 8, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., at 308 Shant Street, Austin, TX 78748. Topics may include general association business, including unfinished business and new business, covenant enforcement, budgeting, assessments, and collections.  Executive session matters may include personnel matters, litigation, contract negotiations, enforcement actions, confidential attorney communications, matters involving the invasion of owners’ privacy, or matters involving parties who have requested confidentiality and the Board has agreed to honor that request. Thank you.

Park Ridge Board of Directors


 I.                Call Meeting to Order

II.             Roll Call

III.          Community Input (3 minutes per person)

IV.          Ratify Approval of Minutes

V.             Financial Report

VI.          Presidents Report

VII.       Committee Reports

·       Committee of the Whole – Shasta White roof

·       Security Committee

 VIII.     Old Business

·       Fence Replacement on West Side of Park

·       Web Site

·       Explore Methods for Better Member Communications

·       Set Regular Meeting Date and Time for Board Meeting

·       Set Time, Date and Location for Board Strategic Planning Session

 IX.          New Business

·       South Entry Masonry & Electrical Repair / Renovation

·       South Entry Landscaping

·       Purchase of New Meeting and Event Signage

·       Appoint Ad Hoc By-Laws Review Committee

·       Appoint Ad Hoc Deed Restrictions Committee

·       Committee Appointments

·       Should Board and Architect Committee Be One and the Same

·       Establish a Code of Conduct for Park Ridge Board Members  

 X.             Announcements

XI.          Adjourn

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