Upcoming Park Ridge Events

Hello Park Ridge Owners Association Member,




Park Ridge has some important dates to note on your calendar for the next week.


April 1 – Semi-annual neighborhood garage sale – the more that participate, the better. If you have nothing to sell, visit your neighbor’s garage sale and see what they have that you can’t live without!


April 1 – Dumpster in the Park – After the garage sales, the Board has arranged for a dumpster to be placed on the south side of the park (Jacky St.) for household items that you no longer want. If it is not recyclable or worthy of donation, bring it to the dumpster to save yourself storing it or taking it to the dump. Please do not dump construction debris, automobile parts (including tires) or chemicals. Please do not invite your friends from other neighborhoods to bring their stuff. The dumpster will be there from noon until 4:00 p.m.


April 8 – Park Ridge Clean-Up Day – This is the day to clean and beautify Park Ridge! Examples of what one might do include clean mold from house stone or brick, trim the hedges, repair the fence, wash the driveway or sidewalk, plant Spring flowers, fix the outdoor light by the porch, paint the trim or whatever you think helps keep our neighborhood beautiful. If your house is beautiful, consider pitching in to help our disabled or elderly neighbors. Or, we will be asking for volunteers to help beautify the Park by returning pea gravel to the playscape, cleaning the pea gravel off the playground equipment, maintaining the Park library, washing the community trash cans (some residents have recently complained that they are smelly), cleaning the picnic tables or anything else that might improve the Park’s attractiveness.


April 8 – Spring Fling – 3:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m., party in the Park featuring local celebrity Jack the Magician, face painting, food, games, egg hunt with prizes and more! Come relax with neighbors and enjoy the sight of young people having fun! Make it a personal goal to meet someone new there and realize what a wonderful community of caring people with which you have surrounded yourself.


On behalf of the Board of Directors

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