Agenda for September 24 2016 Board Meeting


Board of Directors

September 24, 2016


Call to Order and Establish Quorum

Member Communication

Approve Board Meeting Minutes

Unfinished Business / Updates

  1. Construction of pavilion at park – funds allocation to explore possibility
  2. Investment properties committee update
  3. Safety committee update
  4. Volunteer committee update
  5. Discuss resolution for AC Committee – revote
  6. Halloween/Fall Festival – approve funding

New Business

  1. CCR enforcement plan
  2. Increase number of drive-throughs
  3. Increase fines for violations
  4. Discuss creation of CCR enforcement committee
  5. Funds allocation for beautification
  6. Fence installation east property line Taline pond
  7. Establish/review rules of conduct for meetings
  8. Storage of HOA records
  9. Purchase of community board and replacement of speaker for meetings/events
  10. Cracked sidewalks
  11. Clarification of HOA communication to be solely on list serve versus Nextdoor to insure inclusion of all members
  12. Ratification of interim issues acted upon by the Board via email
  13. Executive Session
  • Adjournment
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